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Andy McCord

Andy McCord's love for southern gospel music started at a young age. You could say music is in his DNA. He started singing in church at the age of 7. When he had the lead solo part in the children's musical, Down By the Creek Bank, written by Dottie Rambo. He was given the song "Germs, Germs, my Invisible Dog" but just before he sang his first note, Andy fell off the stage. He did not want to get up and sing, but his Mother, who was co-directing the musical, told him to do it. He did and received a standing ovation. It was that day that put Andy's love for music into motion.

His Uncle traveled and sang for almost 50 years. His cousins, Bill and Gloria Gaither, changed the landscape of gospel music. Andy sang as part of the Indiana Wesleyan Chorale for 3 1/2 years. He sang tenor in a male quartet, All-4-One, was in a mixed trio, Adoration, and also has traveled and sung as a solo artist.

Andy's passion for radio started as a youngster when he would hang out with his Grandfather, who was a radio station engineer for 57 years. Andy has worked in radio for 26 years and his life long dream was to own his own station.

Andy serves as the CEO of Eighty8 Entertainment, LLC, which is the parent company to Gospel Praise Radio, Radio 80's, and the Action Sports Network. Andy and his wife Andrea were married June 19, 2020 and live in Fort Wayne, Indiana with their 4 dogs (Chloe, Louie, Daisy, and Livie) and their cat (Selina Kyle)

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